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Provide health solutions to our members and the community at a fair and equitable price.



To develop health solutions which will assist and enhance our member’s and the community’s health and wellbeing.



Toowoomba Friendlies Mobility and Independent Living is part of The Toowoomba Friendly Society Dispensary Ltd Group. The Group consist of the Mobility Store and Toowoomba Central Discount Drug Stores. The Toowoomba Friendly Society is a mutual (not for profit) organisation where profits made through its operations are returned to our members in the form of benefits and discounts.

Toowoomba Friendlies Society has been servicing the Toowoomba region for more than one hundred years. We pride ourselves on providing high quality old fashion customer service, to both members and the general public and offer a wide range of products and services.

Our Mobility Store is located in the Toowoomba CBD, and can be easily accessed with its own privately owned car park. The Mobility store is collocated with Toowoomba Central Discount Drugs Store at 8 Mylne St Toowoomba. We stock all your pharmaceutical items and a vast range of mobility and home health and living aids; we like to think that we are your “one stop health and wellbeing shop”. So come in and see us today or search on our website for the products you need.



The Toowoomba Friendly Society Dispensary Ltd as we know it today started from the “Toowoomba Associated Friendly Societies Medical Institute” which was established on the 1st of January 1897 with an office at 194 Margaret Street Toowoomba. The first Dispensary opened on the 1st of March 1910 at No 4 Markeys Building, Ruthven Street Toowoomba. In 1982 the Pharmacy was moved to 8 Mylne St Toowoomba were it is currently located.

Early 2010 we realised that our member’s needs were changing, they were asking for products which they needed help them remain independent and living in their own homes. There was a need to increase our offering in the mobility and home living aids. In March 2010 the Pharmacy opened its first Friendlies Mobility & Independent Living store in Prescott St. After the first years trading we found that we had outgrown the store and needed a larger display area. It was decided to extend the Pharmacy’s current site and build a purposed built show room. In June 2012 we opened our new Mobility and Independent Living store at 8 Mylne St. The new store allowed us to stock an even larger range of home health aides and equipment to allow our customers a better selection for their individual needs.

Today our operations are focused on providing a holistic approach to our members and the wider communities health and wellbeing. We are able to provide our customers with all their individual pharmaceutical needs and daily living and mobility needs under the one roof. The Toowoomba Friendly Society has also established a small allied health section with visiting specialist such as: Occupational Therapists, Diabetes Educators, Psychologist, Dietitians and Massage Therapist.

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